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If Someone Could just Stop all the Pain Now, That'd be Great

I'm so tired of being heartbroken. Two weeks without my boyfriend talking to me. Then he drove up to see me on Sunday. We had sex, and worked out our issues, and were back together, I thought, .anyway. And then yesterday he texted me sweet things all day, and we talked on the phone. He sounded sad, but I don't know...

Then today, nothing. No texts, and he didn't answer mine. He won't answer the phone. I really think this relationship is ending, or it needs to end. And it just hurts so much. It's all my fault. Well, it's not all my fault. Some of it is his fault. Some of it is his depression's fault. But parts of it are my fault, and now I just feel sick, and so sad and so sorry I couldn't fix things. I love this man more than anything. And I've lost him, and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm so sad.


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